Incorporating Cabin Style Into your Décor

on July 22, 2016 • Admin

Nothing says warm and cozy like cabin style décor in your home. The cabin style is a classic look currently seeing its very own renaissance. Today, cabin themes are becoming more and more a mainstay in luxurious homes; instead of the dark, low-standing vibe, cabins today are becoming much more expansive and contemporary, especially in house remodels. Loaded with antiques and combined with modern amenities, the modern cabin style brings a fresh new spark to the humble American roots. Here are some tips for incorporating that cabin style into your own home’s décor.

Creating the Atmosphere

To really sell the cabin feel in your décor, it’s all about atmosphere. The second you set foot in the home, you should feel instantly warm and cozy. It should be a place you think about sitting down in front of a crackling fire with a nice hot cup of cocoa. Incorporate large décor items and complement them with big windows to display them in lots of natural light. Appeal to every sense with the use of scent, texture, and visual aesthetic.

Comfy Furniture

Choosing the right furniture is essential when it comes to creating a cozy atmosphere. The whole idea of a cabin style home is creating a comfortable environment, and the easiest way to achieve that is with seating. The seating in a cabin style home should be top-notch and instantly make you want to curl up with a good book next to the fireplace. The easy way to combine rustic, traditional appeal and the best in comfort? Leather. Take a look at this classic leather furniture and frame your décor around the pieces that fit your family and lifestyle the best.

Wooden Roots

Wood is a key component when attempting to capture the cabin feel. Cheap particle board is a huge no-no. When you use solid wood or veneer, you can really give your décor good personality with elegant craftsmanship. Make sure wood is your primary material in aspects like paneling, flooring, surfaces, decoration, and furniture.

Animal Imagery

A staple in cabin style décor is the incorporation of animals with art. Decorating with animal art is the perfect way to give that “home on the range” accent to your home. Mounting things like hunting trophy heads on your wall or accenting with animal prints is a great way to capture that rustic feel. A chandelier made from deer antlers will do wonders as a center piece to pull a room together.


Filling your home with classic antiques is a great way to achieve the ideal classic look. Be selective of how you pick and choose antiques to bring into your home. Make sure what you buy all follows a common thread. For example, images of beautiful scenery and items that evoke life on the frontier will provide a theme that nods to the way of life in the old country. Pick a classic theme and run with it!

Calm Color Scheme

Nothing sets the mood better than selecting the appropriate color scheme. Complement the décor in your cabin style home by pulling colors from the largest pattern throughout the house to create the scheme. To get the calm, relaxing cabin feel, choose neutral colors and earth tones. When you incorporate color, start with the dark colors on the bottom and use lighter colors moving vertically to make the most of your space and give any room a grander appearance.


The right lighting is crucial in any home, no matter the desired style. Make your cabin style décor pop and liven up the room with rustic, outdoor-themed lighting. Lighting that provides a soft, warm feel will capture the cabin mood perfectly and highlight the furniture and décor you’ve so painstakingly selected. Choose fixtures that have a candelabra to mimic the soft glow of candles, and incorporate wrought iron to give the fixture a strong presence.

Hop on the bandwagon and give your home a classic cabin theme to give the perfect nod to the old country!

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